Another good day. Had a great breakfast Have no felt this good since this thing started. If I did not know better, I would swear that I was on the mend. Janet is off to Pilates. Dev is at work. We are going to the market when she gets home.

I have the runs. What the fuck! The system was getting back to normal. And now this. Does not mean anything, but am sure it does not bode well.

The market is so much fun. We spend an hour there. Fresh wild blueberries, strawberries, watermelon and melons. All local.  Go to the organics. Murray is a riot. We have a chat about his wife who is going to see the surgeon on Monday. She has Diverticulitis, and it is not getting any better. She has lost a ton of weight, but unlike me, cannot afford to lose it. She is in pain. He is not looking forward to this. Invites me to his retirement party in 10 years. There is optimism for you!

We come home. Nance is coming over around 3, Di is joining us for dinner. All is good. We have a bite to eat and I go upstairs to rest. Feeling good. Just need to recharge the batteries. Come down an hour or so later. Eat a bit more, drink some water and go upstairs to watch TV. Not sure why I am not feeling better. Everything is good. I feel strong. My stomach starts growling and burbling. Have the runs again. Not good. Have a chat with Janet about it. There is really nothing to worry about. I have no idea what it means just feel it cannot be good. I am getting depressed and trying to stop it. It is very hard. She lectures me, though if she read this, she would be upset with my choice of words. She wants me to feel better. Hoping supper and the company will change things. Don’t hold your breath.

Janet just made dinner. Pasta with a tomato sauce and crab meat. It was delicious. We have to eat by 7, and we did. Much appreciated.

Just farted and, well, it was a bit more than that. An accident. I am so embarrassed, just at myself, at the situation. Janet comes up as I am removing the cover from the couch. I go upstairs to take my temperature and cannot help but burst into tears. Told you not to hold your breath. Janet wants us to go to hospital. We make another deal. If the runs continue tomorrow, we go in. We go downstairs. Dev is on his way home, and Di should be over any second. Things are normal. No really normal. Normal. Normal, Fuck.

Di gets here accompanied by Leona. Dev is home. He is starving and finishes the pasta. I go downstairs to find everyone sitting on the kitchen floor. Say hi and go back upstairs. I have no interest in sitting on the floor. They seem to be having a good time which is good. Eventually, we sit in the living room and talk about their camping experience in a Yurt. It had been a bizarre week. The kids are growing up and need time away from Di. She will have a hard time of it. We know all about that.

Went to bed early. Day started with promise and ends horribly. I am trying to stay positive, but find it nigh to impossible. Light is shining somewhere.. the runs appear to have stopped. A lot of gas, but nothing else.

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